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Dry Plants
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Our philosophy

Thimisis. born to remind us 

to take care of ourselves.

To nurture and develop ourselves in various ways.

Making small changes to build habits that lead us to a more quality lifestyle, with respect for humans, animals and the environment.

And in order to put all of the above into practice, we first need to remember to pause, put periods, take a breath and then move on.

We work with people respecting their diversity and are present and fellow travelers in everyone's personal journey of development and change. A journey that whenever someone chooses to start it, we are sure that they will be enchanted by the uniqueness they hide inside!


We have selected products and designed gift packages with lots of love. They are produced by Greek small producers and small businesses whose philosophy is consistent with ours.


They are handmade and made with love in order to remind us of our most loyal companion, ourselves.

All products are sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly & cruelty-free, 

We look forward to meeting you!

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