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Our story

Hello! We are Katerina & Katerina.

Our lives met many years ago at the Chemistry Department of Thessaloniki.

At some point our ways parted and we followed different paths, only to meet again in September '19. Or actually we made our ways meet, each bringing her own path along on the journey.


Some of our characteristics may be very different, but our values and vision converge around the uniqueness of people and their right to get what they want from life. We work with people respecting the way they see the world through their own eyes.

Four years after the start of our joint journey in Corfu, we are moving forward by enriching the way we work and approaching health and wellness by developing our services.

And evolution brings changes!

WellThimisis. !


Remember to put full stops and take care of ourselves.

Thimisis packages

Thimisis packages are self-care and wellness packages. Made with love and selected products they are intended to remind us to take care of our mind and body every day, approaching the intersections of well-being from different angles.

The names of our packages are inspired by our everyday life in Corfu.


Coaching programs

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