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Stress Relief

  • 7Weeks
  • 6Steps


"Stress doesn't come from what happens in our lives. It comes from our thoughts about what happens in our lives." We've all had a stressful moment, day or season in our lives, haven't we? And that's normal! But what happens when stress becomes permanent and makes our everyday life difficult? The Stress Relief program is about recognizing the stressful stimuli that exist in our everyday life and the alternative approach to solving them. It is a group and experiential program that includes 7 two-hour group sessions held weekly. In the Stress Relief program, through experiential techniques, personal support and material, you will be taught ways and methodology to perceive repetitive patterns that cause you stress, to understand more easily the signs your body shows when it is stressed, to provide solutions to seemingly intractable and chronic stress situations . Weekly Online Meetings: February 22-March 29, every Wednesday 18.00-20.00. The last meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 26, 18.00-20.00. Cost of Online Participation: €240 Includes: 14 hours of instruction, support material and 15% discount on your next service or product purchase. Book a 30' introductory appointment for free by sending an email to: and express your interest in the cycle starting 2/22/23!





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